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Many people don’t know this, but the key to success is hidden in an unknown place.   The light that will illuminate your path to success comes from within and not from without. You cannot be wrong, you can only learn and grow. So who’s next? 

Let's talk little, let's talk good...

When one begins to take an interest in personal development, the notion of unconditional love is addressed. It is a concept that is sometimes difficult to understand. When you are hurt, offended and wronged, it is difficult to continue to love unconditionally.

Most people use one of these three options when they feel hurt:

Option one: you said war? I say war!

You decide to hurt in turn, an eye for an eye for a tooth for a tooth. You then show the person who dared to upset you how you too can be disagreeable. However, once you have painted him or her a new picture, you don’t feel any better and remain upset and unpleasant for a long time. In the end, the answer you gave him was a short-term relief. You now live with a hint of poison in your heart. It might be interesting to ask yourself what state your heart will be in at the end of the year at the rate of one conflict per month.

Option 2: Punching-ball

You don’t have the words, the attack was so violent that you lost your means and just stood there and said nothing. You then decide to shut yourself off. This scene will be with you for decades. You replay the scene over and over again, wondering what should have been said and how to say it. You don’t forget to devalue yourself every time you read the situation. In short, the only important thing you have learned from this problem is that you have been unable to defend yourself.

Option 3: Escape

You’d rather run away, you’re not in the mood for conflict with anyone, but you don’t want to go through it either. You choose to run away, except that you realize that you are nowhere good because to live in peace, you spend most of your time running away. Now you run away before the problems arrive.

You found yourself in an awkward situation, you chose an option to get out of it. Unfortunately, over time you realized that this option quickly backfired. You’ve been trapped and imprisoned by your choices and you don’t know what to do. 

I have the solution for you! 

You are imprisoned, pay your bail. Simple and effective, isn’t it? 

Let’s take you back to being trapped in your mind with your choices and decisions. Let’s recall the decision you think you were forced to make. You had no choice but to do something about it. 

And if you took, for the first time, the problem the wrong way. Would it be conceivable that you have developed enough self-esteem and self-respect that none of these previous conflicts could deposit poison in your heart? 

We were talking about unconditional love instead. But what is unconditional love? 

It is customary to say that unconditional love is the sharing of a feeling of affection, unconditionally and in all circumstances. In other words, no matter what is done to you, you love unconditionally.

It is a powerful type of love and one that can certainly move mountains in practice, but how do you do it? 

In fact, do you think it is possible for you to love with all your strength with conviction and passion when you do not love yourself?

Do you think it is possible to love unconditionally or simply and sincerely when you spend your days devaluing yourself and sue for your failed acts? 

Is there a close connection between achieving goals and unconditional love? 

The answer is YES. We can even go further and say that it is a cause and effect link. Everything you know about unconditional love is certainly true. The only difference today is that you are now understanding what unconditional love really means.

Unconditional love begins at home. You must love yourself unconditionally to achieve your goals. You must love yourself unconditionally to believe in yourself. You must love yourself unconditionally to accept yourself as you are and appreciate your « flaws ». You must love yourself unconditionally so that you do not let yourself down. And above all you must love yourself unconditionally to love another in this way. This is the definition of unconditional love. If you have enough love for yourself, there will always be badness, betrayal and meanness, but your perception of them will change, and therefore you will not react as you used to.
You won’t let your boss or anyone else’s bad moods get the better of you.
You will experience feelings of annoyance, anger, disappointment but your emotions will no longer take over you because you will know what you are worth.

No matter what happens at the end of the day, you will remain you in all your perfection.

When you have enough love for yourself to move mountains, then you will be able to move mountains for others.
You have been taught to point out everything that is wrong with yourself and with others.
But imagine for a moment that you were told that whatever is wrong with you is as important as what works. And that it’s your ability to appreciate and evolve with what doesn’t work that will guarantee you success. 
What would you do?

You will become a selfish, benevolent person.


To be a benevolent egoist is above all to learn to love oneself first. It is learning to listen to oneself, to tolerate, encourage and sublimate oneself.
You have not been taught to love yourself and to speak to you in words that make you feel good.
The only person who knows what will work for you is yourself.
A benevolent egoist knows how to take care of others, since he knows how to take care of himself, it does not require any effort he does it naturally. He treats others as he would like to be treated because he loves himself and knows how to love.
A benevolent egoist develops self-discipline because he knows that he has unlimited potential.
A benevolent egoist has only GPS intuition.
A benevolent egoist is what he eats.
A benevolent egoist loves his light zones as much as his dark zones.
A benevolent egoist does not let himself be ruled by his ego, he is much more than that.
A benevolent egoist shines from the inside out, his inner light is so powerful that it affects all the people they meet. 

That is how he communicates his benevolence.



It’s good it’s decided you intend to meet the new version of yourself.
But how do I do that? Everything is planned, changes are planned and positive developments too. Take action by organizing your actions. You will be able to better anticipate, create and recreate yourself.


You will change your habits, evolve, grow. Your best ally will be your self-discipline, your ability to encourage yourself and persevere. The discipline that you will impose on yourself, without the intervention of an outside person, will ensure your success. As a reminder, you go alone to regain your self-conquest.


Until now, you have not been taught to have compassion for you, love, compassion and above all patience. You’re going to have to trust yourself, be kind to yourself.
Do not blame yourself if it does not go as fast as you would have liked. We are talking about several decades of self-abuse.

"Following your feelings will lead you to their source. Only through emotions can you encounter the force field of your own soul"

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